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The quality of sales and service in today's marketplace is at an all time low. Customers have become increasingly jaded and fed up. Because of this fact, it has never been easier for Master Professional Salespeople to rise above the competition.  Join this elite group by obtaining the necessary skills and transform your life, starting right now. 

Do you realize that the average salesperson fails at far more selling opportunities than they ever succeed at?  I understand that, regardless of their station in life, everyone does the absolute best that they are capable of doing at any given point in time. This is totally based on the knowledge they possess along with their current mindset. Therefore, superior knowledge combined with the tools necessary to change one's mindset must naturally produce superior results. Would you like to sell more, more often?

Selling at Mastery has never been easier to achieve thanks to my powerful new e-books, “An Introduction to Selling at Mastery” and “Selling at Mastery, the Complete 20 Lesson Course.” For owners and sales managers, I’m offering a special e-book called “Manage Your Sales Floor at Mastery”. All books are available directly from the distributor at,

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Step #1: Download “An Introduction to Selling at Mastery". It is my Free gift to you to help you on your way to success.

Step #2: Download “Selling at Mastery” and invest the 30 to 40 hours, working at your own pace, to cover the 20 unique and powerful lessons in the "Selling at Mastery" course.

Step #3: Apply the "Selling at Mastery" wealth of tools, tips, strategies and techniques. Apply them to your sales career and to your life ... then reap your rewards!.

That's all there is to it.
It isn't Rocket Science!

Whether you are looking to power your sales career to new heights,   are considering selling as a career choice or are simply looking for some powerful life skills, the Selling at Mastery Combo is right for you. Why?

Because here you will … 

Acquire master sales secrets, strategies, techniques and more through my easy to follow, conversational style, twenty lesson, self study course. You will close more sales and earn more money. Get everything you want and deserve in your life starting today.

Get out of debt forever and create the money you need to have all that you want in life, when you want to have it. Isn't that true financial freedom?  Master salespeople earn the majority of the money in the marketplace, while average and below average salespeople scramble for the leftovers.

Get the selling skills and the tools you need to secure your future forever, regardless of economic conditions. Never worry about economic downturns or being out of a job again. That's the reassuring peace of mind you want for yourself and your loved ones! Master salespeople are in constant demand in every region of the country and internationally.

Acquire the skills necessary to accomplish much more in less time, both at work and at home. Discover how to get more things done easily and without stress. The result, more free time to enjoy every week! Master salespeople have more money and more free time to enjoy life.

Discover and learn to avoid the many deadly landmines that are always present during the selling process. Fully understand the selling mistakes that thousands of average salespeople make every single day, selling mistakes which literally blow up countless sales opportunities and throw away fortunes in lost income! Master salespeople have the map of the mistake minefields in their possession and know precisely where not to step.

Conquer the selling obstacles you are facing now, obstacles that often defeat you and rob you of your rightful sales. Every single day, more sales opportunities are lost than are closed by salespeople in the marketplace. It's sad, but very true because most customers are handled by poorly trained, 'average' or worse, salespeople who lack the selling skills to properly serve the customer, handle objections and sweep away the obstacles to doing business! 

Master salespeople have the tools, strategies, secrets and techniques to get the job done professionally, without resorting to high pressure, deceit or other slimy tactics that sometimes give our profession a bad reputation. Masters win sales recognition awards along with customer and community respect. Oh, did I mention, they get very well paid too? Getting Paid is Good!!

Advance in your career more quickly. Simply stated, the cream rises to the top. Managers and owners reward their top producers with promotions, cash bonuses and valuable perks. Oh yes, and don't forget RESPECT ... loads of RESPECT!  Master salespeople have obtained the leadership skills that set them apart from most of their peers and give them the inside track when promotion opportunities come along.

Power up your closing ratios with tips, tools, powerful strategies, even an abundance of "Golden Words" that put you in the driver's seat in tough sales situations. Just imagine what a 10%, 20%, 30% or even 50% increase in your closing ratios will mean to your income and your career potential. Master salespeople close at rates 30% to 50% higher than the typical average salesperson. You can achieve the same awesome results, beginning right now.

I challenge you now ... 
Please ask yourself these critically important questions. 

Have you ever had a sales opportunity that was going well, just stop cold and you never knew why?

Have you ever greeted a customer and heard the dreaded "Just looking" and didn't know what to do to avoid potential confrontation or defeat?

Have you ever wondered why a prospect was cold to you for no apparent reason?

Have you ever done all the legwork for a client and then have him or her buy someplace else, often within hours after promising to 'be back'?

Have you ever been frustrated with the fact that someone is selling the same product or service for less money and you don't know what it takes to compete?

Have you ever taken the upsetting ride on the emotional rollercoaster that many people associate with commissioned selling and didn't know what to do?

Have you ever gotten into an argument with a customer or generated a customer complaint?

Do you know, with total certainty, the only 5 things that absolutely must be in place for a sale to take place, regardless of the product or service being sold?

Do you wonder how you will be able to provide for yourself and your loved ones in any economic downturn?

Have you ever provided a service in an industry where a gratuity, AKA tip, is customary and either received nothing or far less than is normal?

Have you ever wondered how others in service industries generate much higher tips than you do?

End the frustration now by picking up the tools you need to eliminate these problems and countless more from your daily selling struggles. Take control of your career and boost your income beginning now. 

Sell at Mastery!

The good news is, learning to "SELL AT MASTERY" won't take you years of study to accomplish or cost you thousands of dollars.

There is no longer any excuse ... to be without the tools, techniques and strategies to earn the ... 
$$$ BIG BUCKS $$$.

“An Introduction to Selling at Mastery”

Regardless of who you are, you can choose to sell and serve at mastery.  Begin today.
Learn how to unlock the power and master the skills and tools you will need to sell anything ... 

absolutely anything ... at Mastery!

>>> Sell Cars, Trucks, RV's, Boats  
>>> Sell Real Estate
>>> Sell Insurance & Investments
>>> Sell Heavy Equipment
>>> Sell Furniture 
>>> Sell Clothing
>>> Sell Jewelry 
>>> Sell Services of any kind
>>> Sell Ideas  
>>> Sell M.L.M. Products 
>>> Sell High End Products
>>> Sell Low End Products
>>> Sell Wholesale  
>>> Sell Tangibles
>>> Sell Intangibles
>>> Sell Electronics
>>> Sell Computers  
>>> Sell Appliances
>>> Sell Home Improvement
>>> Increase Tips in any Service Industry 
The message is clear. 

It doesn't make any difference whatsoever. You can sell ANYTHING when you study Selling at Mastery and apply the knowledge

Who should own
 "An Introduction to Selling at Mastery"
"Selling at Mastery"?

First, anyone, from rookie to seasoned pro, who is selling now but wants to achieve more, make more money, provide elite levels of customer service, get easy referrals and obtain the selling knowledge to totally decimate the competition should read this, beginning today.

Second, anyone considering selling as a career choice whether that is graduating students, people returning to the workforce, those leaving the military and those who wish or need to leave manual labor jobs.  Let's not forget those who just feel trapped in low paying, dead end jobs.  They should read this, to unlock their unlimited earning potential. 

Third, anyone who understands that all life's relationships are one sales situation after another should enroll right now. The fact is that, regardless of what our career choice is, we all sell ourselves, our ideas and beliefs every single day. Some are more successful at it than others. "Selling at Mastery" is loaded with life skills that will help anyone achieve more, regardless of their career. choice.

The way to lasting success is through new knowledge and change. Albert Einstein said, “Insanity is doing the same thing, over and over and over again and expecting a different result.” That makes sense to me! Doesn't it make sense to you too?

Isn't it time for new knowledge and change in your life? 

I can't think of anyone who wouldn't benefit from reading this material except maybe those individuals who believe their brain is full.

To discover what is covered in "Selling at Mastery", I invite you to download your totally FREE copy of “An Introduction to Selling at Mastery”. At the end of this book you can explore all that is covered. You will be amazed by what you have found, all in one place.  Download it free right now!

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 Instead of giving a useless trinket or buying a long shot lottery ticket, consider this gift of knowledge. The return on your investment can be truly awesome!

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A flame loses nothing by lighting someone's candle.  Pass this free gift on to all you know!

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Are You Looking For a Great Gift Idea?

 Instead of giving a useless trinket or buying a long shot lottery ticket, consider this gift of knowledge. The return on your investment can be truly awesome!

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