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Jim Masson is a businessman, author, sales trainer and sales consultant with a selling career that spans over 45 years. He has sold and managed the sale of millions and millions of dollars worth of products and services. Plus, he spent many of those years, training salespeople to function as master professionals while helping to build award winning sales teams.

Jim began his selling career while still in high school. While working part time for a full line General Motors dealership in a small town in Northern Ontario, Canada, he sold a pre-owned car at only seventeen years of age. He was pleasantly surprised when rewarded with a commission for that sale. It the first of many, and he discovered that getting paid for his efforts was indeed, very, very good! 

After attending Algonquin College Business Campus in Ottawa, Canada's capital, he had a successful selling career with large automotive dealerships there, before relocating with his wife Wanda to Vancouver, British Columbia, in the early 1980s. There, Jim partnered for almost ten years in an automotive services business. 

After selling his interest in that business, Jim resumed his automotive career as Sales Manager and Sales Trainer with major automobile dealerships that achieved new levels of sales and customer satisfaction success. 

 A number of sales people who he helped train have become nationally recognized as Sales Leaders and Sales Masters and several were promoted to Sales Management positions themselves.

Jim has always recognized the tremendous need for professionalism in the selling industry and affordable training in all areas of selling and customer service. In order to share his extensive experience and success with those pursuing a career in the selling profession, Jim initially wrote his book, "Getting Paid is Good!!'' He has also offered live sales training seminars to both sales novices and seasoned pros. through school board sponsored Continuing Education classes on Vancouver Island, where he and Wanda make their home 

Now, he is very pleased to present to you, “An introduction to Selling at Mastery”along with a link to “Selling at Mastery” These powerful e-books are a compilation of all the material that was initially presented over forty hours in his live, boot camp style seminar presentations, plus additional strategies, tools and concepts. 

These e-books have one defining purpose. That is, to provide effective and affordable Profession Development Training for individuals, business owners and sales managers, wishing to either upgrade their own selling skills or to train salespeople for a better future by learning how to sell as a master professional.
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Step #3: Apply the "SELLING AT MASTERY" wealth of tools, tips, strategies and techniques. Apply them to your sales career and to your life ... then reap your rewards!.

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